Our jewelry is carefully and lovingly crafted to be worn and enjoyed for many years.  Please understand that some shells are more fragile due to their natural state, so take care not to drop your shell jewelry on any hard surface, especially tile or granite. Like all fine jewelry, everyday wear may result in your piece needing cleaning, repair, or restringing.

 For repairs please contact us directly at  Attach a photo of your piece in need of repair and we will be happy to quote you a price for the repair needed. 

 Keep in mind that although the shell is hard, it is still fragile and should be treated with great care.

 Clean with warm soapy water, natural based soaps and mild dish detergents are best. Do not use alcohol based cleaning products.  You can re-oil the piece as desired. We use Weleda Rosemary oil. 


Wellfleet oyster shell pendant   

Wellfleet oyster shell pendant